Sun/Moon, a jasmine lime Eau de Parfum

The very first in my new line of ensorcelled fragrances. Delicious, fresh top notes of lime, which fades to a sensual jasmine heart note. There's a mysterious, mossy forest base note. .33 oz of natural fragrance magic.

For creativity, perception, true love, and protection... so sexy and still fresh and joyful, like a little spray of summer.  

I am totally addicted to this fragrance - I can't leave home without it in my purse. 

.33 oz. glass bottle. The bottle is reusable, too!



"Oh, wow! It's divine, Amy! It makes me think of summer nights...those still nights with the sounds of the crickets...and - for some reason - my home in the south and sitting on the porch swing at night in the summer. June bugs and cicadas. ❤ ❤ ❤" ~Krista S., customer

"I was amazed at the transition of the sun/moon scent. It smells one way in the bottle, and then immediately makes communion with your skin and becomes something else entirely. 
It wears so well throughout the day. As the name implies, it works well as a work scent and out playing in the evening." ~Julie S., customer


" Sun and Moon: This is the scent of change. This is bright warm days fading to still cool nights. This is summer, waiting bright and bold, trembling on the cusp, ready to burst forth, yet still held by winter's velvety dark grasp, her mysteries a reminder of our own ever changing spirits. This is joy in the sunlight, while memories of the night still hold sway. It is rebirth and renewal, memories and dreams. Sun and moon is a juicy delight with a hint of something darker, full of promise and seduction." Tiffany Fleckenstein, customer

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