Amethyst7, A Lilac, Lavender and Peppermint Eau de Parfum
Amethyst7, A Lilac, Lavender and Peppermint Eau de Parfum
Amethyst7, A Lilac, Lavender and Peppermint Eau de Parfum
Bold Oracle Studios

Amethyst7, A Lilac, Lavender and Peppermint Eau de Parfum

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The third in the line of ensorcelled fragrances.  A quick, glittering burst of subtle peppermint and lavender for the top notes deepens to a very rich royal, purple lilac heart note, so feminine and long lasting. I only use essential oils as my fragrance base - no aldehydes.

Magickal goodness:

For mystical crown chakra opening, a sparkling floral punch in the nuts to get you through winter and dark times, and to accompany you through the great times. Lilac is well known for banishing negative energies and bringing in lighthearted love. Use it to banish ghosts. Not joking. Both the lilac and peppermint are good for it. This blend can use to consecrate spaces and items and attract prosperity and clairvoyance/dreams.

Glass bottles. The bottle is reusable, too!



"Amethyst7: A journey down a darkened forest path, begun in a sunlit field of flowers; a chance encounter with a stranger, not quite of this realm... an offer made, a desire granted. The evening spent in reckless abandon, a whirling dervish, a riot of color and melodies so profound, yet forgotten as if but a lost memory. Dawn's first glow gently nudging the wild fey delights; it's awakening from a dream, but wondering if that is all it was. This scent is complicated in it's simplicity; delicate, yet refined and profound. The peppermint dances temptation around you, while the lavender leads you along to relaxation, the lilac tempts you deeper and deeper. It takes you for a ride that you will never forget, but won't be able to fully remember." Tiffany Fleckenstein, customer

" I am not much for perfumes or body sprays as some can overpower and knock one sideways or just do nothing except make one feel slimy. I went for the Amethyst scent from Bold Oracle. One quick spritz on the wrist and no weighty or clingy/slick feel. A spot of moisture then, once warmed, made me feel as if I were enveloped in a star-laden sky watching the night unfurl. Off to the side, I caught the ever faint glow that announced dawn and felt hugged even tighter by the stars and night. If ever there was a way to be a time, this is it. It is heavenly, literally." - Sophia Panter, customer


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