Feeling Happier Even in Tough Times - An Online Course
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Feeling Happier Even in Tough Times - An Online Course

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IMAGINE experiencing: more peace, more love, including self love, more satisfaction in your life? Would you like to: move steadily toward being more in tune with your body, notice more and more good things in life, and experience more opportunities and synchronicities than ever before? Just plain feel better most of the time? This course helps people that are down, or feeling low, to lift themselves up again.

Raising your vibrational frequency (helping yourself to feel better) shows up in concrete ways in your life. Many of the techniques used to raise vibration, such as gratitude, yoga, and meditation - even spending time with a beloved pet - are clinically proven to improve your life in various ways. If you're ready for a course that will affect every area of your life, you're ready for THIS course. Sign up right now!

Testimonials from Amy's students: (About the creativity course) "Like a taser to get your creative butt moving! Talk about lighting the fire...This course is inspiring and informative. It also pushes you to make the changes you need to let loose your creative juices. This was the wake up call I needed to really confront my obsessive compulsive disorder and how much of my life it consumes, including my time and space for creativity. Bring it! Notebooks are in hand! It's on!" ~Krista, student

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