Orangerie, an Orange and Ylang Ylang Eau de Parfum

Bold Oracle Studios

The second in the line of ensorcelled fragrances.  Spicy, brilliant-juicy top notes of sweet orange, with a sexy heart note of ylang ylang. .33 oz of natural fragrance magic. I only use essential oils as my fragrance base - no aldehydes.

For creativity, sacral chakra opening, childlike wonder and power to get things done - with a dreamy, creamsicle side that's so sexy and primal! This scent will connect you to 'living in the moment' like no other.

.33 oz. glass bottle. The bottle is reusable, too!


"Orangerie is also a beloved new friend in my scent collection. I adore citrus notes when it's a Monday or a dreary time, and the complementing notes in orangerie are so comforting and homey. It makes me want to wear sweaters and have a warm cup of tea." ~Julie S., customer

"This is a delicate, yet fully deep scent that hints at youth, late summer nights catching fireflies, and yet still has an air of mystery about it. At first encounter, you can almost taste the creamsicle it hints at, but then your nose follows the scent further down the rabbit hole and you are surrounded by hints of mystery as the spice at the heart of this starts to come through. It mingles with the chemistry of the skin to create a scent that truly is unique." ~Tiffany Fleckenstein, customer

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