Pomander, a Holiday Spice and Clove Eau de Parfum
Pomander, a Holiday Spice and Clove Eau de Parfum
Bold Oracle Studios

Pomander, a Holiday Spice and Clove Eau de Parfum

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The fifth in the line of ensorceled fragrances. Clove, cinnamon, ginger and a touch of blood orange with gourmand base notes of holiday cookies and delicious memories. Will only be available in the winter months (Northern Hemisphere). .33 oz of natural fragrance magic. I only use essential oils as my fragrance base - no aldehydes.

For warmth, snuggliness, and prosperity - this fragrance is root and sacral chakra opening, the super sexy, money drawing capabilities of cinnamon and cloves are paired with the supercharge of ginger to heat things up in your life - perfect for warming those cold winter months. Blood orange connects you to the warm, loving, joyous elements in the holidays. Treat yourself to the holidays in a bottle.

.33 oz. glass bottle. The bottle is reusable, too!


"The first spray does not give any hint of the wonders to be unlocked. I enjoyed the rush of comfort once I sprayed twice. Suddenly enveloped in a cocoon of snuggly warm blankie as snow fell outside the window. My only care was a warm liquid, in non-stop quantity, as well as baking scents hanging heavily. Were it not for the dazzle of citrus, one could drift off to sleep. The cloves continue to lull one along, while heightening one's sense of upcoming wonder for the soon-to-arrive season. Fragrance is versatile enough to fit all the year." - Sophia Panter, customer


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