Aquamarine Stone

Bold Oracle Studios

Aquamarine is the stuff of oceanic legends, with many magical associations to the sea. Believed to keep sailors from drowning, to connect you with ocean spirits, and to promote safe travel over water, this stone is also fabulously peaceful and calming, a stone of protection. This listing is for one aquamarine stone, and they are each around one to one and a half inches across.

In addition, its connection to the throat chakra brings courage in speaking. It's used to increase intellectual powers and to help one become more sensitive. It helps one to let go of old behaviors and patterns that aren't for your highest good.

It's also great for meditation. Look into it, or hold it gently in your hand as you meditate.

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Collections: All, Magical Tools, Stones and Minerals

Category: aquamarine, mineral, stone

Type: Unknown Type

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