Picture Jasper and Lake Superior Agate crystal grid
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Picture Jasper and Lake Superior Agate crystal grid

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Brand new tiny crystal grid. The base slab is picture Jasper, and it's topped with a grid of Lake Superior agates. You can see the center generator has a lot of nice clear quartz crystal in it to amp up the energy.

Picture Jasper is wonderful for bringing great wisdom and clarity. It is also a grounding and protecting stone, which I love for times of meditation. This particular crystal grid would be absolutely perfect to use while meditating, and then once your intention is set and clear, to leave in your home somewhere where it will not be disturbed as long as you wish.

Lake Superior agate is great at helping those going through great change in their lives. The repeating bands in some of the stones wrap you in layers of grounding, warm energy. They support you as you grow. #stoneenergy #stonehealing #witchythings #witchy #folkmagic #crystalhealing #agate #onyx

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