The Oracle Cloak in Mandarin Orange
The Oracle Cloak in Mandarin Orange
Bold Oracle Studios

The Oracle Cloak in Mandarin Orange

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The Oracle Cloak... a Bold Oracle original! This beautiful orange sequined dupatta is paired with a velvet lined, hand sewn Gul medallion from Pakistan for the shoulder closure. 

 The drape and movement is fabulous.  It will fit from a small to XXXL, I am 5'4" to compare where it'll fall in the photos. 
The reason Oracle Cloaks are so special is that the shoulder piece is at least 3 layers of fabric, lined in velvet for cozy softness, and each piece has hours of hand sewing. It's sewn in a way that best protects the delicate, lovely dupatta fabric. As a result, it'll last a long, long time with proper care.

The lovely shoulder textile is strong, so that you can absolutely pin it directly to a shoulder strap (no damaging your dupatta), and the three layers mean that you don't need to see the pin at all from the top- just pin through the bottom 1 or 2 layers.

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