Complete, Small Crystal Grid for Grounding & Goddess Energy
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Complete, Small Crystal Grid for Grounding & Goddess Energy

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A beautiful, flat slab of rich agate forms the base of this crystal grid. It's accented with four hematite stones, and a center piece of Iceland spar. These are a new idea I had - complete crystal grids, with even a flat stone to use as the base. This size is small enough to put in a smal, soft bag, and bring with you in your purse or carry on if you travel or are doing energy work pretty much anywhere. 

 Agate: deeply grounding, agate is wonderful for helping you to feel safe, connected, and abundant. They connect you to the Earth.  They bring harmony and balance.

Ancient Egyptians and Persians believed that agate could defend you against storms. The Chinese believe it was for spiritual protection and could stimulate your Chi while cleansing the mind, thus allowing good luck and Fortune to enter. 

 Hematite : hematite is also a deeply grounding Stone. It helps you to focus, and supports good self-image. If you're feeling flighty or hyper, hematite is wonderful for helping you to be calm and grounded. Meditate with it for extra benefits. It changes negative energy into positive energy and clears toxic emotions, which leads to the manifestation of dreams in your life. It can help you to bring them into reality.


Iceland Spar : Also called optical calcite, this stone was once used by Vikings to get their bearings while on ocean voyages. It activates ALL of the chakras, and brings crystal clarity to the user. Use it to remove fear and help you focus only on the positive things you want to bring into your life. Because it's so great at this, this stone is a wonderful one for those learning about the law of attraction. This price is for one Iceland spar, and they are each one to one and a half inches across.

It helps relieve migraines and eye troubles. When used with other crystals, it will often double the healing effects that they have. It can amplify intent like quartz, and can similarly be 'programmed' for a specific purpose.

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