Who is Amy Danielson, anyway?

...Well, I (Amy) want to live in a world filled with adventures every single day,  dance classes that come bundled with chocolate eclairs and an energy shield around my keyboard that repels cats.

As a belly dance teacher since 2010, I have been honored to watch women guide themselves in total life transformations over and over. I've been through 3 kids, an empty nest, a marriage and (magical and terrifying) divorce, and the high of running 6 businesses at once. Currently, I'm down to 2. You know. For simplicity.

When I'm not teaching dance, filling subscription boxes filled with flowers and jewelry, or creating courses to help people bring out their sense of style and adventure, you can find me herding cats (I have 3), running around Western Wisconsin and Eastern Minnesota forests with a camera, singing jazz and love songs with my sweetheart, James, and creating luxurious retreats for women.