Bold Oracle Studios Dance Class Rules

The following guidelines exist to create a positive supportive learning environment and to help me do my best as your teacher.

  • HAVE FUN! While the learning curve might feel steep, class time is for you, for your personal well-being and enjoyment. Don't aim for perfection, aim for insight, growth, determination and delight. You will find what you seek, but I recommend the light-hearted path.   
  • Keep a supportive, kind, and positive atmosphere for yourself and other students. Don't put yourself (or others) down if you're not getting a movement the first time, or even after several sessions. Slow and steady makes for a strong foundation in dance.
  • Come to class ON TIME. If you must be late, come in quietly, join in at the back, and do not distract the other students or the instructor.
  • Be realistic in your expectations. If you are new to belly dance, take into account that you will not become proficient at it in a four-week course (or even several years), even if you have a strong background in other kinds of dance. No one got their doctorate in 4 weeks! You don't learn an art form in a short period of time, either. This includes you if you have a background in another form of belly dance. You still will need to adapt to the complex differences that exist between tribal fusion style and other styles of belly dance.
  • ASK QUESTIONS!  Go straight to the source- the teacher or teacher’s helpers, if any have been designated. 
  • 16 and over only. Please make arrangements for your children (and friends, and husbands/boyfriends)- DON'T take them to class.
  • Be direct and honest. Any concerns between the teacher and a student will be discussed outside of class in a private manner. (I maintain an open door policy and invite discussion.) DO NOT have a drama moment in class or at an event. Be aware of others' feelings. When you approach me with a concern, make it a concern - not an argument or an attack. You will find yourself very quickly on the doorstep, facing out - I only give my time and energy to kind, respectful people. Like you, I'm very busy and have a lot on my plate.
  • There may be photos taken, and they may end up in our marketing, especially in higher level classes. If you would like a photo removed from Facebook, please ask politely and we will do our best if time allows. However, coming to class means that photography and videography might happen. Sometimes it's used for only the other students or yourself, to help you with your posture/technique - sometimes it's used to promote an event. If this is not acceptable, keep that in mind.
  • Set cell phones to silent during class to maintain focus and personal enjoyment.
  • Please do not wear strong scents. However, using deodorant and maintaining personal hygiene is a must.
  • Wear appropriate attire - nothing too skimpy. You might be comfy in it, but others shouldn’t be distracted.
Adapted from the class rules of Gaia Sophia, a friend and teacher hailing from northern Minnesota.