Circle of Friends Hafla

I am so very excited to announce this hafla! I can't wait to see you all again, after such a long break. All dance styles welcome, all skill levels welcome, non-dancers totally welcome to come check it out!

Saturday, August 25 - itinerary below. Held at Enchanted Awakenings, White Bear Lake, MN.

Let's get together and party, for real. Everyone bring a dish to pass, potluck style. The space is limited, so I'm charging for tickets to 1. pay for the space and 2. make sure we don't overfill it like last time. Early sign up helps a TON, because if I know we're overfilling, I can rent another room. In fact, if you buy your ticket in the next week (before 8/8/2018), I will grant you VIP ACCESS to a special little photo nook where you can have a gorgeous, sari and prop filled backdrop for your party pics! Only those who pay before that date will have access to this little feature (although you can take photos all during the event of course - the rest of the space just isn't specifically belly dance themed).

Purchase all tickets here:



1pm - workshop with Amy, "Steering the Dream Ship" - A hands on workshop for creating incredible, detailed concepts for your dance pieces, whether specific, emotional, thematic, abstract, or vaudevillian. Drill down into exactly what you want your piece to be about, what makes it tick, and how to communicate that through movement, props, costume, expression, and even backdrop to the audience. 1 hour, bring a notebook and pen, we will be using rosemary essential oil to help you focus, and feel free to bring coffee!!!!!!! A brain class, rather than a sweating-bust-yer-ass-class. $30. This is paid for separately than the party+show tickets.

2pm - The party begins. We'll be having a loosely planned ACTUAL PARTY, with open dance, amazing music, potluck food, possibly a few games, and shopping (of course). (yes, I'll bring Sun/Moon with!) I'm trying to convince James to bring his record player and antique/vintage belly dance music collection! ATS, ITS, and FlyFusion and other jams will be welcome, feel free to just have fun and enjoy a real, honest to goodness dance party.

4:15pm - The Show. Everyone feel free to bring whatever you're working on and share it! All skill levels and styles of dance are so very welcome. We all have so much to teach each other. Please plan on pieces that are suited for a SMALL STAGE. I'd say 3 people can fit comfortably - the same as at The Eye. Seating will be set up for the fun just before the show starts - there will be a beautiful backdrop, too, so please feel free to bring cameras, videocams, friends to help capture images of you, etc.

The party will end at 6pm! Plenty of time for you to mosey home and have time at the end of your Saturday to relax.