Costumers' Fabric Sell, Swap, and Giveaway

November 9, 2019
St .Paul, Minnesota, USA
Need to lighten your HUGE stash? Or do you need some costuming goodies for cheap? OR do you want to find some rare and beautiful things that you know you could only find from another dancer/performer?? Also, do you like cookies, tea, and dirty jokes? Come and get it all here!
First part of the event - the fabric or costume items that are for sale will be out. Any fabric you want to sell will be displayed first.
Second part of the event - after that's been pawed through and thoroughly enjoyed, we'll switch it for any fabric you're willing to swap for other fabric or costume items.
Third part of the event - ONLY fabric and costume items you're willing to GIVE AWAY FOR FREE will be out. This is GREAT for those who are trying to lighten up their stash, and helps out other dancers with lighter stashes in the community, while being wonderful for the planet! No waste!
Tickets are being sold so that my house doesn't become too packed - ticket IS REQUIRED TO ATTEND. I learned my lesson from several sold out and overpacked events in the past! Haha! If you purchase a ticket, please do attend, even though the cost is low!