Creating Your Altar Workshop


Sunday, August 14th, 1pm 

Altars are very personal things - they're a place to put items that have great meaning to you. They can be simple or complex, beautiful or just utilitarian - you can even make altars in boxes, so that they can be hidden in a closet or under your bed if you don't prefer to share them with others! Or they can be on display right in your main room. They mean different things to different people, so we're going to learn the basics in a warm, friendly environment. I'll have loads of wonderful things for you to use and purchase, and you can also bring your own altar items, stones, charms, herbs etc. to add to your setup. 

In this workshop, we’ll learn:
*What is an altar for? How does it work, and where does it come from?
*How to find the items to put on your altar, and which ones are most commonly used (with lots of wiggle room for your personal desires)
*How to assemble the whole thing, where to put it, and lots of ideas for extra fun items and workings

Come learn the secrets! Reserve your spot today!

     Tickets are $25 and space is limited (last time we sold out, so don't wait!) Once you've bought your ticket, you'll be sent Amy's address via email.