Layering in Dance Workshop with Amy Danielson

Layering Workshop with Amy Danielson

Layering in Dance Workshop

February 9, 2020 11am-1pm

St. Paul, MN

 Address is Amy's home, and is given after payment is made.

Clear, clean layers - more than one movement, performed with different regions of the body, at one time - are a specialty in tribal fusion/folkloric fusion bellydance styles. Let's spend an afternoon exploring a few common layers, some uncommon, but really eye popping layers, and learning how to create our OWN signature layers effortlessly, in a game style format.

Lack of clarity in your layers - or worse, just feeling sad and unable to even begin, because they look so overwhelming - you can kiss both of those good bye! Let's have some fun at Amy's! The old Dragon has come out to play.