Living Myth Legend Fest

Presented by Bold Oracle Studios on the grounds of Ren in the Glen...

The Portal to the Otherworld is opening again! Come and visit the Mythical, Magical, and Otherworldly! Buy admission tickets for $14 here or at the gate!

Saturday, September 24, 2022, noon-9 rain or shine! Free parking! 1442 Dunn St. Croix Road, Downing, WI

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Tickets are nontransferrable, nonrefundable. Event will be held rain or shine.

Dress up as any magical creature you can imagine, or just come in your sweater and jeans!

Explore and solve Riddle To Rune Quest, and maybe you'll be among those who reach the very end and save the Realms, both Human and the Otherworld! You'll have to brave a troll, but a Good Wizard and Witch might help you on your quest if you're lucky! Included with your General Admission Ticket!

Riddle to Rune Adventure Quest

Here's the schedule - there's SO MUCH to choose from!

Choose a Quest when you get to the Fest! Visit the Quest Maven at her Booth to get your first clue.  If you have questions or get stuck during your quest, be sure to find the Green Wizard with the Brown Hat, often accompanied by a Green Witch.

Adventure Quests:

  • Riddle to Rune 12-5, concluding at the Fate’s Garden, 5pm
  • 4 Elements Quest for Kids during daylight
  • Fairy Finders Quest during daylight

12-3 Children’s Special Activities: 

  • Faerie Queen - Make an Origami Luck Star to take with you - near Half Henge Throne Room - 12:00-3:00, except during the Knight’s Duels
  • Visit the Mermaids for stories!
  • Autumn Breeze Fae - guided meditation for kids at 12:30 at the Fairy Ring Garden
  • Clover the Storyteller Fae - 1 & 2:30 at the East Stage
  • Kid’s Craft Tables - Fire Breathing Dragons, Butterfly, Star, or Heart Wands, Coloring Pages 12-3

All Ages - Interact with the Fae and the Fighters: 

  • Fairy Godmother - Make a special wish in the Wish Thicket! Kids and adults during daylight
  • Sun & Moon Unicorn - Gather a magic stone from her at her magical tree, during daylight
  • Tinkstep - EDM music at 4:00 (at the North Stage) - put your dancing shoes on! There’s nothing the Fae like better than to dance…
  • Kingdom of the Shires Fighters and Forge - See the knights vie for the Queen’s favor at 1:20, 3:20, and 4:15pm! At the Knight’s Arena. Blacksmith demonstrations ongoing.
  • The Fossegrim - A skilled harpist with deadly abilities (though generally good hearted these days, despite reputation). He wanders the lanes, and rests in the Crescent Moon Garden & Faerie Ring Garden.
  • Clotho The Fate - Weave your own cord of fate, 12-3:30 at the Fate’s Garden
  • Mermaids’ appearances 12:30-2:30 and 3:30-4:50 at the Mermaid Lagoon
  • The Oracle Grove - Fortunes told and energetic cleansings worked - During daylight
  • Faerie’s Revel - Stage show with magical dance and music 6pm
  • Fire dancing 7:00 at the Dark Fae Fire Dancer’s Lair
  • Bonfire 7:30-9


  • 2pm Fire Safety and Dance Workshop - West Stage
  • 3pm Making Sigils Workshop -West Stage
  • 4pm Free Mythological Drumming Workshop - East Stage


  • East Stage:
    • 1 & 2:30 Clover the Storyteller for the kids
    • 4pm Free Mythological Drumming Workshop
  • North Stage:
    • 4pm Tinkstep EDM music
    • 6pm Faerie’s Revel - Stage show with magical dance and music 6pm
  • West Stage:
    • 2pm Fire Safety and Dance Workshop
    • 3pm Making Sigils Workshop