Living Myth Legend Fest - Last Year's Story 2022

The Seelie Fae Queen was sitting at Court one day, and her Fae/Human liaison came to her. The Fae keep tabs on humans at all times, and though thousands of years had passed in the Fae Realm, and they kept checking in on Thornberry - a lovely little town in Wisconsin that they'd visited during a time of need. This sounds like a long time, but remember, many magical creatures live for thousands of years, too. Time passes differently there in the Otherworld. 

The Queen knew that the good people of Thornberry (located at Ren in the Glen, in Downing, WI) were still going through the end of the great Plague of the Green Dragon and his wizard consort. She knew that they were rebuilding their homes, their stores of grain, and it was a great task. She also knew that humans, like Fae, are often cheered by social gatherings. What better way to truly know that they were on their way to recovery from the Dragon's assault than to have them come to visit the World of the Fae?

And so the Fae visited the earthly realm again, in 2022. Here are images of that occasion.


h by laughing.sphinx