Making Sigils Workshop at Living Myth Legend Fest

Making Sigils Workshop

Making Sigils with Kitty Classen

3pm Saturday Sept 24, 2022

West Stage

Teacher: Kitty Classen

Tickets available online or at the gate.

Can you feel the magic dancing just under your fingertips, but you’re not quite sure how to bring it to the outside world? Or, are you someone who just needs something to focus on in order to bring you closer to your goals? No matter where in your journey you are, or how esoteric that journey is, sigils are a useful tool for stating our intentions and bringing them into the world. 

With a long and rich history, sigils are an easy and accessible tool that fits into a wide variety of traditions and paths. 

In this workshop, we will briefly touch on the how and why of sigils, before diving in head-first and creating one as a class. In doing so, we’ll touch on a few different techniques to create, charge, and use sigils that will allow you to tailor a method that fits your paths and needs.

Remember, you'll need a General Admission ticket to Legend Fest to be able to access this workshop - don't forget to purchase both. Nontransferrable, nonrefundable.

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