Media Kit

Amy Danielson

Company: Bold Oracle Studios


New intro to bellydance classes at the Waseca Art Center, in Waseca, MN. We’re looking for creative people to come and learn! We’re hoping to have shows in the future, and there will be ongoing classes in both dance and music as people move through the class levels.

James and Amy are new to the Waseca area, and love it here. What a great community! The Waseca Arts Center and the Community Ed programs have been friendly and good to connect with for classes.

Company Background: Bold Oracle Studios is Amy’s company. For 13 years she’s given lessons and created events as well as made professional costuming. She’s been bellydancing for 15 years.

Bio for Amy Danielson - 

As a belly dance teacher since 2010, she's have been honored to watch women guide themselves in total life transformations over and over.

When she's not teaching dance, filling subscription boxes filled with flowers and jewelry, or creating courses to help people bring out their sense of wholeness, style and adventure, you can find her herding cats (we have 4), running around Western Wisconsin and Eastern Minnesota forests with a camera, singing jazz and love songs with her sweetheart, James, and creating luxurious events and retreats.