Ren in the Glen Fae Court Info!


July 30-31 at Ren in the Glen, WI




 8:30- Arrive (Von, could you come a tad early to drop off the rug and other pretties??) - you don't need proof to get in, just tell them your name and that you're with the Faerie Court.

8:30-9 - Set Up Camp (The Royal Court), take photos/videos, practice Portal Opening Ritual together

10am - Guests arrive

10:10am - Ritual to Open the Portal to the Fae Realm - all members of court

2pm GUARDIAN OF THE GLEN Ceremony - all members of court

5PM Second GUARDIAN OF THE GLEN Ceremony - all members of court

6pm parade to Half Henge and around the grounds - all members of court

7pm Fair closes

Dinner I don't know what time this is - probably right afterward! we can ask when we get there!



8:30 Meet at our Court area, practice The Wish Thief Scenario together

10am - Guests arrive

2pm GUARDIAN OF THE GLEN Ceremony - all members of court

2:30 or so (right after Guardians of the Glen) The Wish Thief Scenario - all members of court

5PM Second GUARDIAN OF THE GLEN Ceremony - all members of court

6pm Fair Closes


Resources List:

Here are resources for you! We will be adding more as we go along: PDFs that explain the backstory, scenarios, requirements, camping info and more! Links to tutorials for costuming (wings) and many other useful things. Check back!


*IMPORTANT - The Back Story, Why the Fae Court is at Thornberry This Year

 *What's Required - Court Basics

*The Wish Thief Scenario - Wish Thief

*Guardian of the Glen Scenarios - super important to memorize this, everyone! We'll be doing it at least 4 times! Guardians of the Glen Ceremonies

 *Opening the Faerie Portal Ritual to memorize - Opening the Faerie Portal Ritual


*Video Explanation of the Props, Portal Area, and Placement of the Fae

*Video of "Choreography" of the Ritual Itself - you'll have to imagine the bells and singing bowl that will be ringing! Decide if you want to be a 'bell ringer' and let me know!
If anyone hasn't filled this out, please do - it's required:


Props and other misc info:

*Chairs: We'll need to bring our own chairs! Please find a super cool chair, and cover it with a lovely fabric and a tie to keep it in place. <3 

*Props for Court: If anyone has fun props, let me know! We'll need to decorate the Royal Court area ourselves. I'll be bringing tons of saris, so if anyone has ideas of things they can bring, including nice rugs, pillows, sculptures, etc that fit into the period style, let me know!

*BRING A BASKET! Put your phone, water, snacks, sunblock etc in it. Anything that's not period correct needs to be hidden from ALL patrons! It can be a nice little basket from the thrift store with a cloth thrown over it, or you can go wild and decorate it as you wish! BE SURE TO BRING SNACKS, WATER, A TINY SEWING KIT, FACE WIPES FOR WASHING, CASH FOR FOOD, ETC.- whatever you need! And a period correct drinking mug. If you can't find one in time please let me know, I have 2 that I can borrow to you if you promise to be careful with them.

DIY WING TUTORIAL VIDEOS - several different types of wings! A good resource for some ideas:

Cellophane iridescent wings, handmade:

Cellophane painted wings, handmade:

Painted See through -

Cellophane - possibly easier:

Flowers and fabric wings: 

COMPLETE costume with wings, headdress, and flower sash

Attaching straps to your fairy wings (to go around your shoulders)

Dragonish Wings

Remember, the Fae can appear in many forms, so there aren't many rules here except try to make it all look realistic!

WING LINK from me: