The Witching Well: A Magickal Market in Mankato, MN


 It's time to get witchy! Support our magical community... come to shop, learn, share and meet other witches (beginner friendly!!) and enjoy our stellar lineup of yummy, witchy and pagan Autumn and Samhain time shopping! 


11am-4pm - SHOPPING with our AMAZING vendors, Harvest chai and special menu by Curiositea - come, sip, shop, and nibble!

1-1:45pm - Jessica Peters from Guileless Green will teach an aromatherapy roller class. Students can smell a variety of oils and create their own scent blends in rollers to take home - Reserve your spot below - only 8 spots available. 


Jezebel Pride - with Occult inspired, sculpted Jewelry, altar tools, textiles and oddities.
The Mystic Geek - with tarot and palmistry!
Black Pearl Moon - Handmade Soaps, Hand Knit goods, Beaded Stone Jewelry, Crystals, Incense, handmade spell kits, and more.
Bold Oracle Studios - Handmade and found altar tools, wands, pendulums, ritual wear and costuming, witch hats made from antique and vintage pieces, and jewelry
Revived Oddities - vintage bowls, trays, candle holders, vases, items that would be beautiful additions to alters. I will have insect/nature curio jars and curio jar necklaces and earrings, animal tooth earrings, baby octopus wet preserved in jars. I will have Native American art from a partner, including antler dream catchers, turtle shell medicine bags, deer bone knife, antler and stone knives, antler and steel knives, bear claw necklaces, beaded antler necklaces, beaded quartz necklaces, white sage bundles. Also have other preserved items from nature like animal teeth, bones, chicken feet, beehives, birds nests, dried flowers.
Sheherazade's Daughters - beautiful sundries, scarves, fans, and sparkling dupattas! New attire for ancient dances, classes, haflas, festivals & evenings out.
Guileless Green - Handmade organic personal care products (Lotions, balms, aromatherapy rollers, root and brow serums, soaps, and soy wax candles) all made with minimal and real ingredients. I also make polymer clay charms that I affix to keychains, necklace chains and earring hooks (all interchangeable if the customer would like a particular charm in a different format). My charms are hand sculpted individually and bring joy and happiness to my customers and people who visit my table.