Winter Supernatural Salon

Winter Supernatural Salon

Shielding and Shadow Work

Enjoy a spectacular Winter day at Amy Danielson's home in St. Paul, MN on Saturday, January 11, 2020 from 11am-4:45pm. Full of metaphysical workshops, crystals, tarot, deeply useful hands-on DIYS, a delicious lunch, snacks, and hot drinks to deepen the magickal quality of the cocooning, deep winter. Included is a 3 ring course binder with notes and useful resources from each instructor, and some take home gifts, too!!

2 Part Payment Plan Here

3 Part Payment Plan Here

FULL EVENT, ANY TYPE OF TICKET, AVAILABLE ONLY AS A PACKAGE, not individual workshops. The day is scheduled so that the classes include variety (not just lots of one way verbal presentation and sitting)... It'll whiz by, and you'll be wishing for more! It's meant to be savored as a whole Winter soul-warming experience.

Only 13 tickets available, package only, payment plans available if purchase is made soon!

Description of Events!

Workshop 1:

Centering, Grounding and Shielding for the Empathetic Soul with Tina Cotterman, 11am

Being an energetically sensitive person can wreak havoc on your daily life. In this workshop, we will delve into the basic concepts of centering, grounding and shielding, discuss the different and unusual ways to protect yourself and have some group energy play to understand how each of us in our own bodies physically/energetically reacts to energy fields. This is a great workshop for people of all spiritual paths.


Amy with make you a DELICIOUS LUNCH, OF COURSE!!! NOON


Workshop 2:

Amber will be teaching about crystal energy
Obsidian - Stone of Inner Power Workshop with Amber Del Vecchio, 1:15pm
Reflective, extremely sharp, primal earth energy - this is obsidian, lava that cooled so quickly it formed without a crystalline structure. This volcanic glass is full of creative and healing power, bringing protection, deep emotional cleansing, and release from anything holding us back. Using several Obsidian varieties, we will dig our roots deep into Earth's healing core. You will learn to remove energetic attachments, shield and ground yourself, and enter the shadow parts of your mind to uncover and cleanse negative emotional patterns. From scrying to healing from grief and past abuses.. Meet Obsidian - connect with your limitless inner power to forge the life experience you desire. 
Check out Amber's studio page on Facebook, and her webpage at Love and Guts Artwares

Workshop 3:

Crystal Gridding with Amy Danielson

Clarity of Mind Workshop with Amy Danielson, 2:30

We'll be working with your intentions (specifically utilizing shielding and shadow work as an example, to go with the themes of the day) - getting them clearer and clearer, which is sometimes harder than we might think! And then, we'll dig deeply into how to release those intentions through different types of spellwork - laying a solid foundation of understanding for a load of fun workshops to come!

Gallery Tarot Reading - with Taylor Erickson - 3:45

The reading will begin with a clearing of energy, and brief meditation on intention. Taylor will ask each guest to quickly shuffle and pass the cards, while she clears the room with an essential oil room mist. If you are sensitive to scents, be sure to let us know so we can let you know when the mist will be sprayed, or sit near the back of the room. There will be quiet meditation music playing in the background to help each guest focus. She will then pull a seven card reading for the group (maybe more depending on what feels right intuitively, and time allows). 
There will also be a short workshop on the differences between reading for yourself and getting a professional reading, and some tips for reading the cards for yourself.
If you do want a special reading just for you, Taylor is available for intuitive Tarot appointments as well. Contact her here at her Facebook page: 
or check out her gorgeous energy work in her jewelry designs here: 

4:45pm - Disperse with blessings! Blessed Winter and see you this Spring!

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