Belt Workshop Series
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Belt Workshop Series

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All 4 Weeks of Belt Workshop

In person only, in St. PAUL, MN. 

Learn to create a belt from beginning to end - on the cheap, if needed - from someone who's been doing it for 13 years on a professional basis, and who has learned loads of tips and tricks from the best. From creative idea to finished piece, this unusual workshop series will  bring you all the way through the process.

This workshop can be taken in entirety, or in pieces. I of course recommend the full series, but I understand that sometimes, our budgets won't allow, or sometimes we already have a specific skill set. So I've broken it up into 4 sessions. This is our cozy little costuming cocoon for the winter:

Week 1: Creative Process - Drafting Your Ideas (Different Ways), Movement (or Not) and Flow - Fabric Choices, The Story - Central to Your Costume Design

Week 2: Drafting Your Belt Base and Pattern - Bring an old Pair of Jeans (not too thin) or some upholstery fabric, at least 2 yards. If you want a permanent pattern to use over and over, bring also a yard of felt. Also bring any fabric (may be an old pretty shirt, even... scraps, whatever) that you want to be the actual surface of the belt. If you want the fabric to be the main focus, patterned fabric is fine - otherwise, more plain fabric is better, so that your trim, buttons, kuchi pieces, and the other jewelry etc that you sew onto it are easy to see. Otherwise it becomes a big visual mess! But don't bring all the bits and bobs yet - just the fabrics.

Week 3: Decorating the Base - Design Elements - Lines, Swirls, Accents, Circles, Points of Interest, Drapes, Scarves (attached), and more! We'll talk about design theory and help you lay out your elements - bring all you have! We'll show you how to securely attach everything (even Turkoman buttons with sunken shanks), some professional tips and tricks, and how to get your belt and scarf to play nice together for gorgeous layers on your tribal costuming. 

Week 4: Decorating the Base - Finishing Up - I'll help you with your final tasks and help you with all remaining questions, and we can talk about all the new ideas you have for future projects with any remaining time (if there is any)! Believe me, you'll need this whole session. People way underestimate how long it takes to make their first pieces and make them look professional. This will ensure everything is up to professional standards, and you look amazing onstage!

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