Claret and Fawn Gossamer Gown by Bold Oracle Studios
Claret and Fawn Gossamer Gown by Bold Oracle Studios
Bold Oracle Studios

Claret and Fawn Gossamer Gown by Bold Oracle Studios

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Do you need a stunning, sparkling, diaphanous gown to wear over your belly dance costume, to a party or event, as a negligee worthy of a goddess, with your fairy costume (plenty of room for wings), or in a photo shoot?  Inspired by the great Alphonse Mucha's art, a gown as light as a feather, ethereal, transparent as a dewdrop. It's held on by a lush metal Hazari medallion from Pakistan and a soft silver velvet loop to tie around the neck. Be absolutely otherworldly looking in this glorious dress.

 The fabric is a passionate, smoky claret red, fading to fawn brown at the bottom. 

The crazy-wonderful thing about this dress is that it's meant to be simply tucked into your skirt in the back - and because of this, it becomes a very effective dance prop. Many veil movements can be used with it, as long as they're the type that are performed in front of the body. It's absolutely spectacular, too, if you have a backlighted stage area - the see through fabric will glow around you, while showing off the silhouette of your body.

Meant to be used over other costuming pieces, or as a negligee, this piece will be delightfully see-though. I may experiment with high quality velvet and other lush, opaque or partially opaque fabrics with a perfect drape in the future. This listing does not include the taupe skirt or white belt pictured with the gossamer gown.

As you can see, the garment isn't meant to cover the chest, but if something is worn under it, it can be pinned to that (or tucked in) if it's needed. 

The gown described is the only thing included in this listing. 

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