Floating Headdress in Emerald
Floating Headdress in Emerald
Bold Oracle Studios

Floating Headdress in Emerald

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A luxuriously green beaded and sequined textile, surrounded by vintage coins. The rich green beadwork and sequins are in several tones of green, so it'll match your jeweltoned costumes easily, and pick up both candle light and stage lights brilliantly. This piece is hand sewn, and will stand the test of time. 

You can arrange it in the center of the hair, and you could even wear it with a bun, since the entire piece has moldable wire hand sewn in. Just arrange the back two pieces around your bun and clip it in!

It's incredibly comfortable and is probably the easiest costume change you'll ever have. One-size-fits-all. Can also be worn with short hair (it just must be at least 1 inch long), extra curly and textured hair, or even fine, straight, slippery hair. 

All handmade and one of a kind. At each of the sides and in the center, you'll find a wig clip for absolute stability on short, deeply textured, or even fine, straight hair - even during backbends etc. 

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