Fossilized Pearlized Ammonite
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Fossilized Pearlized Ammonite

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These are amazing little gems! Sweet little critters lived millions of years ago! Ammonites are wonderful talismans to keep. Each has a very shiny, pearlized finish, because of the minerals that replaced its tissues as it fossilized.

 This particular ammonite is drilled, so you can also make it into a necklace. However, simply placing ammonite in your home draws abundance and health. It can also filter negativity. Imagine the spirals as a filter, pulling the negativity through them and releasing the energy as fresh, clean energy.

The spiral shape also reminds us of our life's path. It helps to stimulate Chi and dry you along your path. Meditating with the stone is wonderful when you are looking for the next step to take along your path.

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