Grounding Rings... Carnelian and Tiger's Eye
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Grounding Rings... Carnelian and Tiger's Eye

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These are each wonderfully grounding stones. Carnelian (the two orange ones) and tiger's eye (brown/gold with stripes).

Just a few of the energetic properties of carnelian include leadership, joy, protection from black magic, endurance, courage. It also enhances passion and love.Carnelian is the stone of Joy! So good for your sacral chakra, which helps you to be confident, creative, sexy and full of joy.

Tiger's Eye is a grounding stone, very connected to the root and solar plexus chakras. It's incredibly useful to ground you during a performance or ritual. It also helps you release fear and anxiety (stage fright, anyone?) and stimulates action that isn't overly influenced by emotions.

Traditionally, it was also used as an evil eye amulet - to protect you against those who might wish you ill (nice for iffy backstage time - haha!) and indeed, its 'gaze' seems to move around the room with those beautiful golden bands of light inside it. It also enhances creativity and attracts abundance.

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