Luna Moth Earrings
Bold Oracle Studios

Luna Moth Earrings

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Delicate, fluttering style, with so much to love. They're in a bright gold, and are VERY lightweight. The little moon and stars dangles flutter around in the most wonderful way, and the resin drop contains tiny flowers.

Moth symbolism is rich and deep. When you see a moth, you think of transformation, and they share some of the same symbolic meaning as butterflies due to the transformative process they go through in the cocoon.

Moth can also be seen as a messenger from the spirit world. Moth also warns us to be very careful with fire. We need to remain in a constant state of awareness of our own well-being. We must protect ourselves from things which seem exciting, whether it be a negative relationship, and negative habit of self-deprecation, or a passion or addiction that has gone too far, lest we be burned. 

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