Moss Agate Bindi
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Moss Agate Bindi

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Moss Agate embodies growth, nature, the natural world. It is symbolic of prosperity in the way that your garden prospers, with growth that comes from natural causes like the sun and wind and rain, and also from the care of the gardener. It also is said to attract nature spirits. Enjoy!

This can be used as a skin jewel, anywhere on the body that you wish. On the belly, at the neck, or anywhere. It is applied with spirit gum or eyelash glue. Simply paint the adhesive on to the back of the bindi, wait for about 30 seconds, and then apply to your skin. It's frequently applied to the third eye area, which is the area between your eyebrows. In many cultures and by many different people and religions, this space is considered a place on the body that is a center of wisdom, extrasensory sight, and power. Stones are also considered by many to have their own protective or other powers.

Whether you believe these things are not, please enjoy the beauty of this tradition with respect for where it comes from. It's always a good idea to do a some study and learn about the places, cultures, and religions behind these decorations. 

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