Oracle of Courage - Onyx Pendulum
Oracle of Courage - Onyx Pendulum
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Oracle of Courage - Onyx Pendulum

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 Onyx is known for supporting you during difficult times. If you're looking for answers within during a particularly grueling time, onyx has wonderful qualities to help. It's been used historically for strength, courage, self control, the ability to keep going strong no matter what. Additionally, onyx helps you to find healthy ways to do just that, if you are open to it. It stimulates wise decision making, steadfastness, stamina and HAPPINESS - something that is needed during more trying phases of life. It helps you to focus on the good that also surrounds you, which is exactly how you will gain the strength you need.

Because of its aid in wise decision making, it's a wonderful stone for a pendulum. To aid in uncovering hidden things, I've added some labradorite pieces.

This item is intuitively created, handmade, and is one of a kind.

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