Oracle of the Moon - Pyrite Pendulum
Oracle of the Moon - Pyrite Pendulum
Bold Oracle Studios

Oracle of the Moon - Pyrite Pendulum

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Pyrite has long been used for divination, notably by the Incans. Metaphysically, it's said to influence your self confidence and creative power. It's also well known as a strong protector energetically. As such, it works well for divination, keeping your energy pure and other influences out.

The symbology of the moon is inextricably linked with what is hidden, and often with revealing what is hidden. It's also linked with the emotions and thoughts.  Therefore, its tendencies are perfect for a divinatory tool.

This item is intuitively created, handmade, and is one of a kind. It has a lobster claw bottom, so that you can also use other stones for the weight.

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