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Private Belly Dance Theory Lessons with Amy Danielson

Regular price $ 80.00

Whether you want an extra hour or two of character development or choreo training, or you'd rather have Amy help you develop your own personal dance direction goals, this is a great choice for you.

For those willing to travel to Amy's studio or use Skype for lessons only. 

You get 1 hour for $80, and can purchase up to 3 hours for a session. After you've made your order, we will settle on a mutually beneficial time. No refunds within 2 weeks of the session, since Amy has planned ahead and cleared her schedule for you. Private classes can be shared by up to 3 students to help with fees, but of course the results will be less specifically geared toward each individual's needs!

Amy reserves the right to cancel private lessons for any reason (but don't worry - that's just to keep away the creepers etc.). ;)

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