Aromatherapy Rollers Class - October Witching Well 2023
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Aromatherapy Rollers Class - October Witching Well 2023

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1pm-1:45 - Teacher Jessica Peters of Guileless Green

Let’s talk about scents! From bright, sour lemon to warm, cozy cinnamon, each scent has a different feel. Scent is a powerful thing, and can transport you to a whole new world. Scent is also a deeply personal and individual thing. What smells great to one person can be intolerable to another.

We will discuss traditional uses for some well known oils, and we’ll delve a little deeper into thinking about your own senses and how you can intuitively decide what a particular oil does for you as an individual. In this class, you’ll smell a variety of different essential oils, think about how they make you feel, and blend up your own unique aromatherapy roller to bring home with you.


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