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Also called a Corporeality Locus, this is a superb manifesting tool. It is a type of Polestar Charm (a guiding center of attraction) that helps you to concentrate your own attention onto whatever goal you choose to bring into reality. Therefore, the intent of this tool is to bring your goals solidly into reality. Please be aware that the specific box in the photos above was already sold. However,  I am continuing to make more, each one unique. The tin may not even be the same shape, it will not have the same art on it, but it will have the exact same function and quality of Art, and the same types of crystal.


The included crystals cover the basics of many manifestations, and I added a lodolite (plain quartz could be used, too) to cover any other goals you may have. They are as follows:

Amethyst - can be used for spiritual growth and psychic goals, love, and breaking negative patterns.

Rose Quartz - can be used to attract ALL types of love - from romantic to self love to family love.

Citrine - attracts all types of prosperity, including financial.

Lodolite - a type of quartz with inclusions that amplifies the other crystals or can be used to symbolize any other goal that the other stones don't cover.


Detailed instructions are in the video below. 

General instructions are as follows - and please understand, you can play with the materials you use - the stones included are just a type of 'starter pack' -

1. You chose the crystal that best symbolizes what you want. The one that FEELS like what you want. That's very important.

2. You very clearly see and FEEL yourself getting what you want (more on that in the video, and I recommend the material of Abraham Hicks to really get good at this, as it's a wonderful process). This is the most important part. This is what the box is helping you to do.

3. When you have the feeling (not just the thought, or visualization) of it CLEAR, no matter how quickly that is, or how long it takes, then you take that crystal and put it into the box.

4. Close the lid - and clearly understand that the spell is working, or the energy has gone out into the world and is working. The box is extremely magickal, because it symbolizes the fact that sometimes you can't see it happening AT ALL (or just a little bit, maybe) - but it's still working as long as you continue to keep your FEELINGS aligned with that original positive intent.

5. Put the box somewhere that feels GOOD. It can be hidden. It can be in view. It doesn't matter. Do what makes you feel best. That does matter. You can open it whenever you want, or not, if that feels better. Just don't open it out of fear, because being in a state of fear creates a temporary block to the spell. If you're in fear, don't worry. No one will judge you. Just do things that help you and make you feel better, and get back to that place where you feel good, and feel that things will work out for you. Sometimes that's a process! Be very loving and kind to yourself. This box is to remind you to take loving care of yourself while your amazing dreams come true.

6. Step 6 is incredibly important. Incredibly important. As many times every day as you can, you need to find something to enjoy. Live in the moment. If your food tastes good, pay attention to it instead of worrying or nervously staring at your phone. If you need a bath, take a really nice one instead of ignoring it or taking a super fast shower. If you need to go to the Doctor for something, don't put it off - take care of yourself (maybe not fun, but self care - while you're there, notice anything good, like maybe free coffee? Or a nice receptionist? Or a sunny day to drive in?) Cultivate loving yourself AND enjoying your life NOW. RIGHT NOW. Not when you get whatever you're believing for. And you will get what you're believing for, because being in this state dissolves all obstacles to it.


As far as the work that went into it, I decoupaged winter and summer scenes and the word, "Transform" onto this The Reality Box. Decoupage is an old art form I've loved since I was a child. I utilized little gems, glitter, a repurposed tin with a tiny window, of course old garden magazines, and used a special, slow-drying glassy finish for the bottom and a few highlights, for durability - and to make it look like you're looking through a magic window into another world. Because you are. Inside this box, when you close it with the feeling of joyful belief and expectation, is the world between worlds, where things come into being. The whole process took several hours.

I love using repurposed materials for my magical tools. This is a time honored practice, which magic workers of every culture have used since time began to be recorded. Humans have always used what we had on hand, and we've always used symbolism to focus our intent. Use this tool wisely and well.

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