Uncoil 2023 Workshop - Silent Dialogue with Rachel Riska
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Uncoil 2023 Workshop - Silent Dialogue with Rachel Riska

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Come hang out with Rachel for a 45 minute workshop as she teaches you to emote from fingertips to toe tips and everything in between. Special emphasis will be on interacting with others in your troupe while onstage.

Looking to expand your dance horizons to include multiple levels of expression? Want to hear some fun tips on how to interact with your fellow dancers in exciting ways? Want to keep your audience even MORE mesmerized? We already know you know how to keep 'em mystified, but why not add a little more sparkle to your stage personna!

At this workshop, we will go over standard theatrical body language movements that are most typically associated with emotions and how they can express a story through dance. This will involve using facial expressions, body movement and experimenting with the musicality of different types of songs. After going over the basics, we will move into discussing how to use those techniques with a partner or groups through some exercises, and how to take the exercises home to troupes or fellow dancers to play with. Lastly, there will be a slight movement break and we will sit down to have a round table discussion on different kinds of media to check out to learn different styles of bodily expression. Rachel will create a list of links to short videos or names of movies that can be viewed by class participants.

Rachel has been dancing since 2010. She started learning from Channa Puhrmann and Nicole Saidler from RakStar Fusion Belly dancers. Over the years, she has taken multiple classes from different troupe members before becoming a member herself. Theatrically, Rachel was the quintessential drama kid throughout junior high and high school. Her roles varied from being the ghost of an accused witch from the Salem Witch Trials, a cantankerous nun in the Sound of Music, a sticky fingered male senior citizen with a flair for physical comedy, to a flustered butler in a murder mystery dinner play. The most recent roles were being a fairy for the Ren in the Glenn and the Living Myth Legends Festival in Wisconsin. She also played Atropos, one of the three Fates from Greek mythology.

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