Uncoil 2023 Workshop - We Are All One: the Magic of Synchronized Group Improvisation with Suzanne Szucs
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Uncoil 2023 Workshop - We Are All One: the Magic of Synchronized Group Improvisation with Suzanne Szucs

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This workshop is an introduction to FatChance® style belly dance (FCBD®) which is a form of synchronized group improvisation focusing on a leader and follower format. This will be an intro-level or refresher of basic FCBD® vocabulary dance moves and formations emphasizing communication and connection between dancers.

Personal expression is an important part of dance performance, but how can we infuse the relationship between dancers into our performances? In this workshop we will explore how we can use Synchronized Group Improvisation (SGI) to increase the connections we create when we dance. Improvisation requires trust and spontaneity. When we allow our dance connections to shine, we create a magical experience for our audience.

We’ll use the vocabulary and format of FatChanceBellyDance® Style (formerly known as American Tribal Style) to explore the connections we make in our dance space. FCBD style is a lead and follow format, emphasizing communication between dancers with foundations in Middle Eastern, Indian, Flamenco and folkloric dance. We’ll spend the first part of the workshop reviewing basic FCBD® vocabulary. How deeply we dive into vocabulary moves will be based on levels of experience and participant choice, so whether you are new to FCBD® or an old pro, there will be something for you! We’ll spend the second part of the workshop focusing on the SGI format with FCBD® formations. We’ll play with some interactive exercises designed to build trust and alignment and will spend time dancing together in small groups. There will be an optional, “no apologies” improv performance at the evening hafla for whoever wants to take what they have learned to the stage. At the end of this workshop, you should feel like you have a solid introduction to the FCBD® SGI format and have explored the art of making deeper connections through dance.

Participants should wear comfortable clothes, barefoot, socks or dance shoes.

Nontransferrable, nonrefundable.

The following dance includes Suzanne with Antares Tribal. Such a gorgeous fan dance, performed at Fusion Evolution (Tribal Rev at the time).

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