Vibrant Garden Headdress
Vibrant Garden Headdress
Bold Oracle Studios

Vibrant Garden Headdress

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Resplendent in its layered lushness, we begin with purple sequins covered with black lace, creating one of my favorite shimmering effects - classy, but filled with a mysterious sparkle. A wine colored lace beaded trim adds a lush second layer. A purple beaded diamond is at one side to accent the corner of your eye, together with a low set flower. At the other side are two glorious purple roses. The center of your forehead will sport a gleaming rectangle of beaded gorgeousness, and a silver beaded drop.

This piece is lush and generous, creating a fully costumed look. It uses about three times as many textiles as my traditional headdresses. Asymmetrical.

Easiest costume change ever. And it's even one-size-fits-all.

All handmade and one of a kind. Ties in the back with two comfortable pieces of elastic lace. 

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