Forest Bathing Eau de Parfum
Forest Bathing Eau de Parfum
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Forest Bathing Eau de Parfum

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Evocative of the deep forest, with notes of pine, moss, and herbs. This fragrance is very soft, but long-lasting. It has no gender (and really, does fragrance need to be assigned one?). It's based on the fragrance of nature when you're taking a hike deep in the forest. Very grounding and supportive, the notes in this fragrance will settle you and help you to feel secure.

When first sprayed, it will be lovely, but soft. It will quickly settle to a very seductive skin sent, with notes of tobacco and leather, but predominantly beautiful green trees. This is the smell of dryads. It's wonderful when you're unable to take a walk in the woods to at least have the magic smell of it surround you.

For those of you who love sawdusty, fragrant wood shops, this will remind you of that as well because of all of the wood notes.

A perfect fragrance for all sexes, this is the only of my perfumes that James, my boyfriend, has asked me for a bottle.of (and he wears it religiously). Since he is the kind of guy who never wears perfume, I take that as a big compliment. My sons also wear it.

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