Love Bite - A Cinnamon Rose Eau de Parfum
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Love Bite - A Cinnamon Rose Eau de Parfum

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Delicious, uplifting and VERY sexy, those of you who love genuine rose are going to LOVE this. It's rose with a sensuous kick of cinnamon and some warm, snuggly base notes..33 oz of natural fragrance magic. I only use essential oils as my fragrance base - no aldehydes.

Beautiful rose otto is an effective aphrodesiac and that can't be overstated. It's also uplifting and supports anyone going through stress, even mourning - it lifts the fog and is like a warm hug from a garden. The "Queen of Flowers" resonates, of course, with your heart chakra! It's also a powerful helper when you're working on self love.

Cinnamon is spicy, sexy and also an effective aphrodesiac! It draws in money and activates your solar plexis chakra, bringing power into the mix! It puts the zing back info your life, and brings out your courage.

.33 oz. glass bottle. The bottle is reusable, too!

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