Turkish Coffee, a Cardamom and Coffee Eau de Parfum
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Turkish Coffee, a Cardamom and Coffee Eau de Parfum

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The fourth in the line of ensorcelled fragrances.  Spicy, sexy top notes of cardamom, with a warm and familiar heart note of coffee and a gourmand, rich and delicious base note. .33 oz of natural fragrance magic. I only use essential oils as my fragrance base - no aldehydes.

For power, strength, abundance, solar plexus chakra opening. Coffee infuses your intentions with stamina, and cardamom is used as a spicy aphrodisiac, as well as to relax you and clarify the mind. It can bring eloquence when needed. Grounding, relaxing, and energizing all at once.

.33 oz. glass bottle. The bottle is reusable, too!

I absolutely love the layers of scent in Turkish Coffee. Cardamom is my favorite spice and is rarely used, let alone known. It instantly became a favorite and I wear it often. Amy masterfully blends rich earthy tones with hints and pops of delicious complimentary scents, creating a delightful sensual experience for the wearer." ~Amber Hunt, customer

"I am in love with the Turkish Coffee, the notes are beautifully balanced, I love the fresh smelling cardamom mixed with the smooth, bold layers of coffee. A magical, delicious experience indeed!" ~Meggan Shepard, customer


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