Do you like Rose Quartz? If so, you’ll really love Jade...

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Jade (specifically Nephrite Jade) was first discovered in China, and has been mined since the stone age. It was used for many purposes- including decorative applications and tools. One of the most fascinating and intricate uses of Jade included suits that were created for burial of the elite. These suits were crafted for people of high status, and usually took many (often ten or more) years to make. Depending on the wealth of the individual, the suits were stitched together with gold, silver, copper, or silk. Jade was believed to have preserving properties and was thought to ward off evil spirits.

There are two different types of Jade, which are classified as either Jadeite or Nephrite Jade. Jadeite is considered the more valuable of the two, and is found to have more color variations than Nephrite Jade. Jadeite is also slightly harder on the Mohs scale of hardness, ranging from 6.5 to 7, and Nephrite Jade ranging from 6 to 6.5. 

Jade is highly regarded in many areas of the world, and is known for its superior healing capabilities. Given its green color, Jade is recognized as being linked to the heart chakra. It is often known for bringing good luck, wealth, harmony and balance. It is said to work on the heart in both a physical and energetic level, making it great for use in Reiki, massage, and other healing modalities. Jade also brings joy and abundance to the wearer, and is fabulous for PTSD, codependency, and general issues regarding the nervous system. If you have recently undergone a loss, emotional trauma, or breakup- it is wise to carry Jade to promote feelings of peace, acceptance, and confidence.

To get the best results from Jade, it is wise to wear it on the body. Having direct contact with the skin is ideal, as it creates the most efficient means for transferring energy. You can also use Jade with other green stones for extra heart chakra healing, otherwise it pairs extremely well with Rose Quartz. Jade and Rose Quartz are similar, yet highly complimentary stones that deliver gentle, soothing, yet highly thorough healing.


Author: Taylor Erickson

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