Strength in Unity Video - LEARN IT, VIDEO IT, SHARE IT!

belly dance bellydance choreo strength in unity video

The official Strength in Unity video, music by James Coy, fusion bellydance choreography by Amy Danielson! We can't wait to see you get creative - learn the choreo right here in this video, then make a video (be safe, stay 6 feet from those you don't live with during lockdown time), share it on social media with the hashtag #strengthinunitydance ! Let's raise the signal on friendship, safety, and unity through these changing times! Stay safe! #flattenthecurve

GET THE CHOREO right here!:

GET THE SONG right here!:

Music - James Coy

Dancers - Amy Danielson, Edie Julik, Meribeth Feirer, Amber Xylophone

Choreography, videography and editing - Amy Danielson

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