Manifest What You Want, Plus a Powerful DIY Tool at the End of the Video!

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Manifest what you want in your life, and bring your dreams into reality! This video will teach you what manifesting is, how manifesting works, what you can do to make your dreams come true. There's also a super fun and quick DIY for a manifesting tool, so stay tuned all the way to the end!

I’ll be uploading a video per week with more manifesting tools and tricks, but this video really gives a basic understanding 'under the hood' for what manifesting (also called 'conjuring, spellwork, 'making it happen', etc...) is and how it works. All my other videos, how tos, and DIYS will work more smoothly for you once you understand this stuff.

One of them is right here, for making your own moonwater!:

The second video in this series gives you 38 examples of tools used throughout history to help people focus their attention and change their emotional state around what they want:

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