Purple Victorian Meditation House Party - Meet The House, Root and Sacral Chakra Rooms!

guided meditation meditation purple victorian root chakra sacral chakra the house


Bold Oracle Studios presents the first in the series in our guided meditations. They're full of vivid imagery, in a very specific and symbolic magic world that I've created, with an open ended feel so that you can mentally ‘play’ in it to help ground yourself, refresh and heal yourself, and open up your creativity.

In this meditation, you'll meet The House. It's one of many such nexuses in existence - created by our own spirits for our own healing. The House is symbolic, and is for all of us - enjoy being there with your spirit guides, ancestors, and all the others, past, present, and future, who will go there with you by listening to this meditation, and thereafter, just recalling it to mind! These are different from void of mind meditations, which are also wonderful.

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