ARAGONITE STAR CLUSTERS: Radiant Healers of the Earth

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aragonite stone star cluster

ARAGONITE Unblock and Recharge!

Aragonite is an amazing mineral which exhibits several forms and colors, each with its own specific energetic qualities for healing. The star cluster formation is especially powerful because of its capacity to balance, unblock, and heal the emotional body as well as each of our chakras. It is even known as the Conservationist’s Stone due to its effect to encourage a deep concern and love for the earth within people. This stone is excellent for assisting in release of intense anger and unblocking and healing negative emotions. “Letting go” is the phrase I come across again and again in my research of this stone. From past emotional wounds (remembered or subconsciously held), to past lives, Star Cluster Aragonite can help us to release wounding energy and recover information for our soul’s advancement. Additionally, Aragonite star clusters help us become “human stars”, radiating light and love as their structure suggests. The star cluster formation of Aragonite transmits its vibrational effects in all directions, making it a powerful ally to bring more love into ourselves and our world.
Meditation with Star Clusters
My first experience meditating with this form of Aragonite was as a healing agent in my sacral chakra. (I should clarify that while using crystals in meditation I lay on my back.) I used several guided meditations over the course of a week while placing a star cluster over my sacral chakra. I am personally still uncovering many layers to my own healing; however I highly recommend using Aragonite in meditation to open and balance your chakras. This week I have been experimenting with meditation with the star cluster over my third eye, with a selenite desert rose over my heart. For this meditation I simply focused on my breath. At this point in my research of Aragonite, I was not aware of the recovery it can bring. I focused on my breath, and the connection with Source energy this breathing brings to my quieted mind. I don’t know how long I meditated, but I believe I experienced nearly all of the key points in my entire life - recounting what my heart longed for at each point and why. I could write a great deal more about this experience, but the point is, I was really amazed to have had this journey, and to later learn that is exactly why people meditate with this stone. If you are new to meditation as I am, I especially encourage you to follow your intuition in using crystals in your meditation practice. Many people recommend the combination of selenite, calcite, or celestite with the star cluster Aragonite in meditation.
Renewed Strength and Confidence
aragonite star clusters with smaller crystals
Wearing or carrying star cluster Aragonite is an especially great way to help manifest the radiating vitality and love of this crystal. In particular, you might notice feeling an increase in your emotional strength, and in your confidence to carry universal love into your daily actions. The “web of Light Force” this crystal creates permeates all of our energy systems, giving us a sense of peace while allowing us to release negativity and blockages. Star Cluster Aragonite can also be placed over each of the chakras progressively to allow them to be open and clear, while bringing a balancing of energy. On a physical level, these star clusters stimulate vitality and increase stamina. They also help to ground Light energy into our bone tissues and are used for healing and regenerating bone breaks. (This is not intended as a substitute for medical attention.) 
Did You Know…?
Aragonite is one of those rocks that I’m constantly learning something new about - and I mean every single time I look it up there is something new that stands out to me! For example, the beautiful pearlescent nacre of seashells, coral, and pearls is all produced by layers of aragonite secreted by the animal. (That makes my day!) And if you’ve ever enjoyed the Septarian spheres from Madagascar, Aragonite is the dark brown layer around the yellow Calcite! In fact, Calcite and Aragonite have the very same chemical formula, just different configurations. And if you want to really know, Aragonite is a less stable form of Calcite, and literally turns into Calcite in the right conditions! Aragonite was discovered in the 1700’s in Aragon, Spain, but is found in several places worldwide. Some people associate it with the Greek Goddess Athena - Goddess of wisdom and the hunt; as well as the Shinto Goddess Amaterasu - Goddess of the sun and all life it creates and sustains.
Earth Healing
As previously mentioned, Aragonite star clusters have a deep earth vibration that resounds especially with our base and root chakras. This is a stone that can bring our energy into communion with Mother Gaia, grounding and centering us in that elemental nourishment. This stone is great to help people to feel content in the midst of challenging circumstances - especially with anxiety and tension. The release that these star clusters enables helps us to be open to heal, balance, and love - especially to love the earth. Aragonite engages us to be more aware of our stewardship of the planet and to recognize our role in caring for our world. So there is the rich, base chakra healing, and the literal earth healing that our hearts are stirred to partake in associated with Aragonite.
Recharging and Caring for Your Stone
This is a stone you will want to cleanse weekly, especially if using in healing work. Wash gently in running water, place directly in the sun/moonlight, and use sage to cleanse and recharge these crystals.  
May your journey be rich and radiant!

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