Aquamarine - Crystal of the Waters

aquamarine crystal stone

AquamarineAquamarine is a beautiful stone named for its ancient linkage to the sea and the powerful, nurturing energy of water.  It is a light blue to light green variety of beryl, growing in hexagonal crystalline structures, and was thought to have originated as a gift from mermaids.  Using Aquamarine brings us emotional release, harmony with the ebb and flow of life, and communication of our highest truth.

Throat Chakra

Our throat chakra is the energy center for communication, self-expression, and listening - to ourselves, our intuition, as well as to others.  Aquamarine is called on more than any other stone to assist with healing and stimulation of the throat chakra. Wearing this stone as a pendant, or placing it on your throat in mediation will help to express your authentic self, and to say what we truly mean.  As you connect with Aquamarine, it will help you to accept yourself, trust your intuition, and communicate your creativity. This is especially helpful for anyone in roles of instruction, but also in our spiritual development - to have the boldness and clarity to say and do what we truly mean.  

Emotional Release

Aquamarine is a water stone, and as water and emotions are tightly linked, wearing or holding this stone brings an instant soothing to our emotions and the freedom to release negative emotional patterns and strain.  As we experience the relief from emotional stress, new ideas are free to emerge from our intuition and creative flow. Aquamarine helps us have new perceptions and solutions, and to know what the next logical step is.  When our energy is free from emotional blockage, the direction we wish to pursue becomes clear. Carrying Aquamarine in your pocket is like carrying an ancient compass, helping you to use your emotions for guidance rather than being overrun by an emotional storm.

Health Benefits

The emotional balance that Aquamarine brings impacts our health, relieving tight muscles and tension headaches.  Aquamarine also helps with balance of our overall health, and especially health of the mouth, tongue, jaw, throat, and lungs.  This stone also helps to balance water throughout the body, either in issues of dehydration or water retention. Aquamarine also assists with any allergic reactions and to flush pollutants or toxins from the body.  In addition to holding or wearing this stone for health benefits, you can place it in water overnight, and in the morning remove the stone from the water and drink the water with lemon added to it. (Please note that this is not intended as a substitute for professional medical attention.)

Connection to Mermaids

All beryl stones help to connect with elemental beings, and Aquamarine helps specifically to connect with Merpeople - mermaids and mermen - the exotic, beautiful people of legend who can help us to find emotional joy in life.  To engage with this energy using Aquamarine, bring something sparkly with your Aquamarine (because merpeople love things that sparkle), to a waterway and whisper your intention to meet with the merpeople to your Aquamarine. Ask for what you desire, and allow yourself to perceive their energy.  Though they might not appear to you, you might be able to perceive their energy there, or guiding you in meditation, unveiling their wisdom. They can help you with relationships, emotional issues, and to dive into the depths of your heart.

Serene Beauty in Your Home and Life

If you would like to create a sense of calm and tranquility in your home or space, place Aquamarine around a white or light blue candle.  If you use and altar or stone grid, using Aquamarine with Rose Quartz and Amethyst will draw in the nurturing serene energies of these stones to your space.  Aquamarine encourages freedom to express your essence without any resistance. Its receptive energy draws us out of fear and into a place of allowing for all that is good to come to you.  Placing a sphere of Aquamarine in your space will radiate this emotionally soothing energy.

Understanding of the Water Element

Sailors once used Aquamarine as a talisman to keep them safe from drowning.  Wearing this stone, or placing it around your pool or spa will help prevent problems in water because it will help you to understand the natural flow and power of water, and to become in harmony with it.  If anyone has a fear of water, wearing or carrying Aquamarine will alleviate that fear. Also, if there are any waterways that you wish to help cleanse, take a piece of Aquamarine and charge it with your intention to bring healing and cleansing to that waterway, and then put that  Aquamarine into the body of water.

Understanding the Ebb and Flow of Life

There is wonder and goodness available to us all the time; Aquamarine helps us relax into that, in rocky waters and smooth.  Explore this stone’s energy to enjoy connection with the ancient riches of the earth, with legend, and with the your own deepest heart.  Hold on to Aquamarine to help keep you moving in water energy, going with the flow, looking forward with an intuitive focus and hope.             




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