Focus on Positive Energy - Feel Better and Better

improve your life make life better raise your vibrational frequency you deserve better

Focus on Positive EnergySometimes, life is rough - and that's natural. But you can make a huge difference in how you feel and in how you perceive difficulty over time. As you discover ways to make life better, you'll find you can improve your life - the human brain is incredible, and very much able to change, grow, and heal, developing better thought patterns through self reflection, focusing on what you want instead of negative thought patterns, and working through the tough stuff to a better life. You deserve better.  

  Raising your vibrational frequency (helping yourself to feel better) shows up in concrete ways in your life. Many of the techniques used to raise vibration, such as gratitude, yoga, and meditation - even spending time with a beloved pet - are clinically proven to improve your life in various ways. Simple tools like these (and so many more) can make a huge difference in your life.

My mother was an ICU nurse. She always told me that people were often saved not by a single procedure or medication, but by many, many little things over the course of their stay. A short massage from a kind nurse, a visit from a loved one that gave them the strength and a reason to go on, the right kind of food, all often were as important as the other, more official care they received, and these 'smaller'-seeming things built up as time went on in importance.

Let's learn together how to make your life a trickle, then a fountain, then an avalanche of wonderful, loving, adventurous, satisfying 'little' and big things. It's time to begin really living.

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