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Hair Ornament How TosThis blog post gives pointers for wearing your hair ornament in flower hair styles. Bohemian chic is not always the relaxed, blonde, beachy style that many think of - it's got roots deep in art and culture. Boho hairstyles can be full of color and texture, and there are some tricks to get the ornaments to look great on different face shapes and bohemian hair styles. Whether this is a hair style for festival, tribal fusion, or a hair style for a wedding, you'll find some really useful tips here!

Choosing your hair ornament:


When you pick out your hair flower, you'll need to look at lots of factors. We'll go over a few of them below, but the most important one of all is just this: do you love it!? If it strikes you, if it makes you feel something wonderful - then THAT'S the one for you! Yes, you want one that you'll actually wear. But if you really want a cherry red one, and you feel like you SHOULD just get a boring, quieter toned piece, you really need to do a little self reflection. Is it because the places you'll be wearing it aren't appropriate for it? Or is it because you feel like you 'can't pull it off'? If it's the second option, there might be an opportunity for you to do a little introspection, a little work on yourself. And it might just be that you find a whole new facet to your personality. There is a reason you love the art that you love. It's a part of you.

Colors and their meanings: 

flower hair stylesColor will be a consideration when you look at hair ornaments - some of them are predominantly one color, some are a mix. Each color has its own meanings that  you can draw on (or not, if this doesn't resonate with you) while you wear it. Red has to do with sexiness, with lust, with life, with health. Orange has to do with juicy healthy sex appeal and creativity. Yellow has to do with your personal power, and your ability to project into the greater world. Green has to do with the heart, and with growth and abundance. Blue is connected to truth and communication. Purple  jives with matters of spiritual significance, and with royalty. White is connected with purity, innocence, and power. Black is a symbol of protection, power, and it incorporates all the other colors into itself.

Size matters:

A great big piece is going to make a big statement. Sometimes, it can look humorous. Sometimes, it can look powerful. If there's a question of which it is, and you're wanting it to look powerful and not humorous, don't risk it! Go slightly smaller. 

Tiny, delicate accents can also be stunning. Try a single, small flower over an ear, or many small flowers running down the length of a braid. The possibilities are endless. 

Placement on the head:

bohemian hair ornamentsA flower over each ear will end up looking like Minnie Mouse ears. While she's a beautiful mouse, and so much beloved, consider if that's the look you're working toward or not. Many people look incredible with flowers worn a little bit lower, even below the ear. Parts that dangle, like feathers or foliage, create a soft draped effect, often accenting the softness of your shoulders. To keep them in place when worn this way, make a little braid or a tiny ponytail right where you need to clip the hair clip. Push the alligator clip into the braid or ponytail holder. It should stay right in place all night, and if it needs adjustment, it should be super simple.


Where will you be wearing it? How austere and serious a setting will it be? Or how businesslike? Sometimes, a small flower is all right in a business casual environment depending on the company's culture. Sometimes, not so much. But if you're at a Halloween party with one small flower, that might be pretty much lose compared to everyone else's efforts on their costumes. If you're going to perform in it, think about how close you'll be getting to those you're performing for. If you'll be at Ren Fest, face to face with everyone, medium size is great. If you're on a huge stage, bigger is better.

hair clipAgain, the most important thing is what you love, what resonates with you at the heart level. Colors, shapes, placement - all will come with experimentation. Once you begin collecting hair ornaments, you'll find that they're like potato chips - you can't stop with just one! Below are the ones I handmake - I've been making them for 10 years now. Enjoy adding them to your collection! The hair flowers are awesome for any occasion. There are even whole headdresses available! They work wonderfully for celebrations, performances, rituals, costumes, or just for fun. Feel free to share this blog on your social networks, and comment with any additional tips you might have!!

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