Finally! A Hands on Guide to Using Selenite!

calming cleansing selenite

Selenite, as many of us are familiar, is an extraordinary stone of beauty and gentle, yet powerful, energy healing. What is less commonly known, perhaps, is how the different forms of this crystal can be used, and how versatile each form can be for benefiting our daily lives.The most prominent energy quality of selenite is its ability to cleanse - so much so that it cleanses other stones and does not require cleansing itself - although all stones benefit from the recharging energies of the sun and moon. Placing new stones on top of the selenite (regardless of the form of selenite) for at least six hours is a wonderful way to cleanse and recharge them. 
In its stick or wand form, selenite is essential for cleansing our aura, as wands are a shape that directs energy flow. Especially if you are sensitive to other people’s emotional energy, or the energy of a space, using selenite wands to cleanse your aura will remove that low vibration energy from you, like wiping the dirt off your feet as your enter your home. To do this, hold the wand in your hands over the top of your head, and slowly pass it down in front of you. Trust your intuition for how close to hold it to your body as you bring it down to your feet. If there is a spot that feels like a “bump” or feels resistant, simply go back over that spot a few times, like combing through a knot in long hair, and then proceed down to the floor. Do this to all four sides of your body, and enjoy the refreshing calm that selenite gives.
Wands are also great for placing at boundaries of your home to keep unwanted negative influences from entering your home or space. Placing them in the window sills, or along walls between rooms is an excellent way to keep unwanted energy out.
For rooms that you might want to especially keep energy in, use selenite wands to “bridge the corners” of the room, usually with amethyst, but you could also use black tourmaline. To do this, place the amethyst piece in each corner of the room. Then place the selenite wand or stick in front of it. This will look like a triangle around the amethyst, created by the two walls and the selenite.  
Sheets, Slabs, Masses & Tumbled Pieces
Tumbled pieces of seleniteIn meditation, selenite is wonderful for bringing a calming focus, which allows us to more readily connect with our spirit guides. Holding a piece of selenite in each hand is a great practice (any form), or even sitting on a sheet of selenite, if you have a large enough one in your collection. Selenite helps us to listen to our own voice and provides a shield of angelic light that repels unwanted inputs.   
Selenite is also helpful for psychic development, energy work with chakras, reducing inflammation and pain in the body, and dissolving blockages in the energy systems. Gentle massage with selenite (without oil) can ease pain and inflammation in the body. Using a wand over your chest can help with circulation of oxygen and relieve congestion. Please note, this is not meant to replace professional medical treatment; though, placing selenite on your body to feel its vibration and light energy is highly beneficial to our body, mind, and spirit.
Selenite works so well with any work we do with the moon that I've included a link to this Youtube video I made about how to make moonwater - pro tip - DO NOT put the selenite INTO the water!!! See exactly what to do instead in the video. Enjoy, and be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel for more!
Because selenite is very soft, carrying it with you in your pocket or as jewelry takes some care. As a pocket stone, wrapping it in a small cloth will protect it from scratching and keep any pieces that might come loose contained. As jewelry, it is important to keep dry, and to be mindful that it can be scratched or broken easily. One thing to remember as you're enjoying this stone is that it will dissolve in water, and should never be used to charge drinking water.
Towers and Spheres
Selenite spherePlace a sphere or tower of selenite in any space you want to bring a pure, clean energy that allows you to focus. These forms of selenite radiate the crystal’s vibration in all directions, like a dome of white, healing light. It is an ally for any workspace as well - particularly if you’re working near computers.  
Desert Rose
In the rosette form, selenite is said to be inhabited with a unique spiritual guide and used traditionally by indigenous people throughout the world as an amulet, facilitating shamanistic healing and direction. See more
In any form, selenite brings rich, healing light into our lives - ultimately what matters the most is the personal connection we cultivate with our crystals as we journey through life. May light and love fill our hearts.

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