Black Kyanite - Sweeping Away Negativity, Increasing Clairvoyance

black kyanite clairvoyance clearing


black kyaniteBlack kyanite's fan shape clues you in on its ability to sweep away existing negativity. Use a sweeping motion, holding it in your hand, to remove negative energy from your aura (sweeping it along like a broom a few inches from your body). You can also picture it cutting away any negative connections that aren't your own (sometimes, we pick up energies from other people), and finally also finding, clearing, and healing any negativity that is yours to deal with. 

This is also a stone that's particularly good at creating a shield around you that keeps out negative energy. When you wear it or carry it, picture a black, spiky wall coming out from it, becoming an impenetrable shield around  you. Only good may enter it. It can be worn as jewelry (the irregular shape is great for wire wrapping) and used whenever you feel you'll be around anyone negative, or if you feel negativity in your home or your mental/spiritual state, it will clear it, much like sage. You can also leave it at the corners of your space to clear negative energy from it. Place it with the fan shapes outward, like spikes! They'll direct the negative energy away from your space.

Black kyanite is a powerful healer of energy - if you are doing energy work, it will help you find where the problem is and repair it. It works with any chakra, to remove blockages. It's energy is very projective. If you're doing energy work, try putting it between your feet and focusing on grounding yourself. You will notice that the scattered feelings disappear as it pulls your energy into alignment.

It increases your clairvoyance, telepathy, and empathy (while still protecting you from any incoming negative energies) and supports you during meditation. Try holding a peace in your hand the next time you meditate. It also provides spiritual protection. It connects you to the divine, and to the spirit world.

It's one of few stones that don't require clearing. It doesn't absorb energy, it moves it. I still enjoy leaving it on the windowsill to soak up the sun and moonlight when not in use. You can still charge and program it, but cleansing isn't required. Do not put it in water - it will dissolve. It is more delicate than many stones.

It's effective is calming and centering, although it has a very high vibration.


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